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Pluto: Share the Love

Aug 7th, 2006 | By | Category: Random Thoughts
Pluto has been a planet since 1930, which means that most people on this planet have been embracing it as an equal member of the solar system for their entire lives. Yes, it's dark, tiny, and far away, but demoting Pluto from its full-fledged "classical" planet status is cruel and elitist. Change the rules if you will, star peepers, but don't make them retroactive. Because I know I am not alone in feeling Pluto's pain, I have created a new action alliance for people who think Pluto deserves better treatment than it received in Prague today. It's called Pluto Lovers United to Overturn Petty, Heuristic, Insensitive, and Legalistic Identifying Labeling by ... (more...)