Vegas Bashers Strike Again

Feb 18th, 2009 | By | Category: Random Thoughts has labeled Las Vegas “AMERICA’S EMPTIEST CITY,” placing it above Detroit in a lineup of urban areas hit hard by recession. The headline has been replicated everywhere now, finally making it to the print version of the Las Vegas Review Journal this morning.

There’s something magnetic about Forbes’ “list” stories. Who can resist clicking on the latest roundup of awful places to live? I mean, OMG! What if your town is on the list? And you have to check out the best spots, too, of course. If your burg is the nicest, you can strut around all day.

So count on it. Across the land, millions clicked on “America’s Emptiest City,” and 99% probably loved finding out that (whew) it’s Vegas! Because it’s – you know – only fair that Sin City would get its well-earned come-uppance in this time of belt tightening. Ain’t it great to imagine tumbleweeds bouncing among the slot machines? And don’t try to suppress a smile at the the thought of sun-parched skulls baking on the sand dunes of former golf courses. Vegas, baby, is getting its just desserts.

Well, if you stay away, you can continue believing that Las Vegas is a ghost town of empty houses and vacant apartments, a vast abandoned wasteland of see-through overdevelopment. If you visit, however, be prepared to be stuck in traffic. If you want to rent an apartment or buy a house, expect to be joined by other shoppers. Calling Las Vegas “empty” is like applying the word to my bedroom closet. If I shut the door, I can imagine empty shelves. Empty they’ll remain until I open it and face the avalanche. Yes, I reduced the contents by 14% recently, but you’d never guess by looking at it.

I don’t have numbers to back up my observations, but I think observations offer a better picture than mangled statistics. Check out the R-J’s article for more.

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