January Painting-A-Day Challenge

Jan 21st, 2014 | By | Category: Random Thoughts

To kick 2014 off creatively — and to make use of a stack of old vertical window blinds — I decided to set myself the challenge of painting a picture every day for the month of January. I’ve displayed them here at their actual size: three-and-a-half by five inches. If you click on them, you’ll see a much bigger version.

January 31: “school’s Out!”
School's Out!

January 30: “Still Life with Black Beans”
Still Life with Black Beans

January 29: “Through the Tunnel to Parts West”
Through the Tunnel to Parts West

January 28: “Water Breathers”
Water Breathers

January 27: “One Small Frog”
One Small Frog

January 26: “Red Dawn”
Red Dawn

January 25: “U-Pick Money Trees!”
U-Pick Money Trees!

January 24: “Yeti Foot Island”
Yeti Foot Island

January 23: “Winter View from the Tree House Window”
Winter View from the Tree House

January 22: “Kerouac View”
Kerouac View

January 21: “Little Boat on Big Water”
Little Boat on Big Water

January 20: “Three More Treez”
Three More Treez

January 19: “Palmz”

January 18: “Who?”

January 17: “Spring Already”
Spring Already

January 16: “Meet Me at Four Corners”
Meet Me at Four Corners

January 15: “Treez”

January 14: “Uncle Fester Goes to the Man-in-the-Moon Impersonator Convention”
Uncle Fester Goes to the Man-in-the-Moon Impersonator Convention

January 13: “After the Picnic”
After the Picnic

January 12: “The Network”
The Network

January 11: “Bottle Show”
Bottle Show

January 10: “Earth Moon Over Red Planet”
Earth Moon Over Red Planet

January 9: “Posies 4 U”
Posies 4 U

January 8: “Barn Through Snow Fence”
Barn Through Snow Fence

January 7: “Sunrise On Hangover Island”
Sunrise On Hangover Island

January 6: “Green Lips Rule”
Green Lips Rule

January 5: “This Way To Strange Lands”
This Way To Strange Lands

January 4: “Yucca My Dreams”
Yucca My Dreams

January 3: “Got Psittacosis?”
Got Psittacosis?

January 2: “It’ll All Be Over Soon”
It'll All Be Over Soon

January 1: “Yesterday’s Flowers”
Yesterday's Flowers

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  1. This gives an additional display option beyond Facebook…

  2. You continue to amaze me–with your talent, your creativity, your energy, your enthusiasm, your diligence and your wit. Such a treat to know you and to be exposed to your art (and heart).

  3. Interesting….love the colors..and the humor. And I couldn’t do this if my life depended on it. So go girl! Loved seeing these.

  4. Thank you, Ruth and Diane! I’m enjoying getting paint on my hands and appreciate your kind words.

  5. Really enjoy looking at these Megan, great work. I love the boat and the Four corners paintings and Lezli loves the Stuffed Teddy, [As in who ate all the picnic !] although they are all wonderful !

    Looking forward to more.

    Best wishes David and Lezli.

  6. Great work Megan. I admire your tenacity! Wish you were nearby so we could paint together. I need some inspiration.

  7. Thanks, Dave, Lezli, and Bob! I wish I could paint with you, too, Bob. I could learn a lot.