Caution: Funny Signs Ahead

Caution: Funny Signs AheadCaution: Funny Signs Ahead was over a decade in the making. It all began back in 1994, when I hit the road. I took pictures of everything, but my favorite “capture” soon became funny road signs. When RoadTrip America debuted on the Web in 1996, its funny sign gallery was instantly one of its most popular features. Over the years, other people began contributing their own images of amusing roadside Americana, and now the still-growing collection stands at more than 500. Caution: Funny Signs Ahead features over 200 full-color images from all over North America and beyond. More information and a list of contributors are online here.

Caution: Funny Signs Ahead was published in 2008 by Ulysses Press. Although it is currently out of print through that publisher, it will be back within the next several months. In the meantime, new and used copies are still available through, where you can also take a look at the first few pages.

I hope they make you laugh!

What others are saying:

“Fun signs from the side of the road, shop fronts and those wonderfully-American boards where they can change the message every day. From the rude (Beaver Liquor Inc.), through unthinking juxtapositions (Cemetery Lane / Dead End) to the plain unfathomable (Cat Crap), this is a great read and an even better gift.

—Peter Thody, Leeds, UK

“Caution: Funny Signs Ahead is an extensive collection of bizarre, humorous, and otherwise visually-arresting signs rounded up for your enjoyment. This roadie’s personal favorites include ‘No Smoking on Campus Prohibited’ and ‘Brakeless Trucks Use Freeway'”

—Drew Knowles, author of Route 66 Adventure Handbook

“If you like roadside double entendres…You’ll definitely enjoy Caution: Funny Signs Ahead. My favorite is the motel in South Dakota that proudly advertises, “Imaginary Friends Stay Free.”

—Eric Peterson, author of Ramble: A Field Guide to the U.S.A.

“…I loved National Lampoon’s True Facts books that featured humorous road signs and billboards, but that was 20 years ago. Caution: Funny Signs Ahead is a wacky collection of unintentionally hilarious wordings…”

—Brian A. Butko, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, author of Greetings From the Lincoln Highway

“…an excellent choice to leave out on a table at any party, it’ll have everyone in the room laughing…”

—Troy Paiva, Redwood City, California, author of Lost America: The Abandoned Roadside West