All roads lead to Vegas.

    Megan EdwardsYes, there was a time when they all led to Rome. In fact, I followed those ancient thoroughfares back when I was choosing a college major and ended up studying Latin and Greek. I did go to Rome (even though I had to take a plane). It was even more fabulous than a place where all roads lead should be.

    Fast forward a bunch of years and life lessons and jobs and stuff. One day that started out ordinary, my house burned down in a wildfire. My unexpected "stufflessness" resulted in a road trip I predicted would last six months and bring me back to where I started.

    It didn’t. Instead, 150,000 miles and seven years later, I found myself in Las Vegas. Somehow, all the roads I took eventually brought me here, where I remain endlessly captivated by a city I believe Julius Caesar would find fascinating, too.

    On this site, you’ll find my books and my ramblings, and even a few paintings from time to time. I hope you enjoy looking around!

Inspiration Strikes Downtown

December 30th, 2013
Don’t ask the people at the Heart Attack Grill where the Inspire Theatre is. They do not know, even though it’s at the same intersection: Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street. Maybe they’ll catch on that there’s a cool new meeting place a short stone's throw from their front door, but on Friday night when Inspire opened its doors for the first time, the Heart Attack Grill folks didn’t have a clue. Part of the problem may lie in the design of Inspire’s sign. It’s skinny, vertical, and turned at the perfect angle to render it invisible to anyone peering out from inside the Heart Attack. I doubt that this ... (more...)

The Promise of Vegas Pulp

September 12th, 2013
Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with Mark Hall-Patton in his offices at the Clark County Museum. He had agreed to talk with me about a collection I had learned about the last time I spoke with him and had remained curious about ever since. For the last decade or so, Hall-Patton has been quietly but consistently identifying and acquiring hard copies of every mass-market paperback novel that is set in Las Vegas. Because he sees these books as valuable to understanding Las Vegas’s history, he has donated the collection to the Clark ... (more...)