Roads from the Ashes

    Roads from the Ashes“This is a book to stir dreams of distant places, a remarkable journey down unknown roads of travel and self-exploration. Edwards relates the stories of their American adventures and misadventures in the compelling style of a novelist, with humor, drama and brilliant imagery… A journey worth taking.”

    —Al Martinez, Los Angeles Times

    “Edwards is a fine, unpretentious writer with a journalist’s nose for a good story. An inspiration…”

    Chicago Tribune

    “From the mountains to Manhattan, this tapestry of life on the road weaves the best of travel, technology, survival skills, and relationships into an engaging work of art.

    Library Journal

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    Caution: Funny Signs Ahead

    Caution: Funny Signs Ahead “Fun signs from the side of the road, shop fronts and those wonderfully-American boards where they can change the message every day. From the rude (Beaver Liquor Inc.), through unthinking juxtapositions (Cemetery Lane / Dead End) to the plain unfathomable (Cat Crap), this is a great read and an even better gift.

    —Peter Thody, Leeds, UK

    “Caution: Funny Signs Ahead is an extensive collection of bizarre, humorous, and otherwise visually-arresting signs rounded up for your enjoyment. This roadie’s personal favorites include ‘No Smoking on Campus Prohibited’ and ‘Brakeless Trucks Use Freeway'”

    —Drew Knowles, author of Route 66 Adventure Handbook

    “If you like roadside double entendres…You’ll definitely enjoy Caution: Funny Signs Ahead. My favorite is the motel in South Dakota that proudly advertises, “Imaginary Friends Stay Free.”

    —Eric Peterson, author of Ramble: A Field Guide to the U.S.A

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Inspiration Strikes Downtown

December 30th, 2013
Don’t ask the people at the Heart Attack Grill where the Inspire Theatre is. They do not know, even though it’s at the same intersection: Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street. Maybe they’ll catch on that there’s a cool new meeting place a short stone's throw from their front door, but on Friday night when Inspire opened its doors for the first time, the Heart Attack Grill folks didn’t have a clue. Part of the problem may lie in the design of Inspire’s sign. It’s skinny, vertical, and turned at the perfect angle to render it invisible to anyone peering out from inside the Heart Attack. I doubt that this ... (more...)

The Promise of Vegas Pulp

September 12th, 2013
Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with Mark Hall-Patton in his offices at the Clark County Museum. He had agreed to talk with me about a collection I had learned about the last time I spoke with him and had remained curious about ever since. For the last decade or so, Hall-Patton has been quietly but consistently identifying and acquiring hard copies of every mass-market paperback novel that is set in Las Vegas. Because he sees these books as valuable to understanding Las Vegas’s history, he has donated the collection to the Clark ... (more...)