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Full Service Blonde

Full Service Blonde

Benjamin Franklin GOLD Winner for Mystery & Suspense

It’s Christmastime in Sin City when aspiring journalist Copper Black meets Victoria McKimber, an outspoken prostitute at one of Nevada’s legal brothels. She’s offered Copper the exclusive right to tell her story. Not only will the Las Vegas Light’s “calendar girl” get a byline, but she can also impress her boyfriend and parents when they arrive for the holidays…Read more…


Getting Off on Frank Sinatra

Getting Off on Frank Sinatra

Benjamin Franklin GOLD Winner for Best First Novel

Aspiring journalist Copper Black has just found out that her boyfriend is responsible for his not-quite-ex-wife’s pregnancy. An unexpected house-sitting job at a notorious Las Vegas “party house” should provide not only a pool with a swim-up bar but also much-needed distraction. While researching a story about an exclusive private school, Copper accidentally discovers the dead body of the school’s beloved founder. Now involved in a high-profile murder investigation…Read more…

Strings: A Love Story

Benjamin Franklin GOLD Winner for Romance

The Merino Rose. Ted Spencer has a hard enough time believing the celebrated violin really exists. To find it sitting on his coffee table is nothing short of incredible. The stuff of legend, the exquisite Guarnerius has been missing for centuries. But even though the renowned instrument is a violin lover’s dream come true, it holds only heartache for Ted. The value of the Merino Rose may be beyond measure, but he has acquired it at too high a cost…Read more…


Roads from the Ashes

Roads from the Ashes: An Odyssey in Real Life on the Virtual Frontier

“Home is where your dog is.” It’s just one of the lessons that author Megan Edwards has learned living life on a roll. Her adventure began when a firestorm roared out of the hills above Pasadena, California, in October 1993. Her home was among over 200 destroyed by the blaze.

Suddenly and utterly “stuffless,” Megan, her husband Mark, and dog Marvin seized opportunity from catastrophe. They hit the road aboard the Phoenix One, the custom-built four-wheel drive motorhome that “rose from the ashes…Read more…