Carnivel Airship

Blimp Cruise Over Vegas

It was difficult for me to contain my delight when I received an invitation to take a ride in a blimp. A blimp! Really? I have been entranced with lighter-than-air flying machines since I saw one flying over the Rose Parade when I was a kid. Yes! I wrote back immediately. I would love to take a ride in a blimp! I restrained myself from adding extra exclamation marks, but seriously… a blimp!!!

This blimp is Carnival Cruise Line’s #ChooseFunAirShip, commissioned to celebrate the arrival of the new Carnival Panorama cruise ship in Long Beach, California. A picture of the Panorama covers the sides of the 128-foot-long blimp, making it the perfect ambassador (more…)

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Benjamin Franklin Books Awards 2018

Benjamin Franklin Book Awards 2018

I am thrilled to announce that three of my books were honored by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) with Benjamin Franklin Book Awards. Strings: A Love Story won gold in the Romance category, Full Service Blonde won gold in the Mystery & Suspense category, and Getting off on Frank Sinatra won the Bill Fisher Award for best first book by a new publisher (Imbrifex Books). Aaron Reed, whose book Fly Fishing Austin and Central Texas is due out in 2019, was kind enough to be on hand to accept the awards on my behalf, and he also took the picture above.