Caution: Funny Signs Ahead

Caution: Funny Signs Ahead

Anyone who has ever hit the open road has seen a sign that sends them into hysterics.

Caution: Funny Signs Ahead is the ultimate collection of these accidentally entertaining bits of roadside Americana with signs like “No Smoking On Campus Prohibited,” off ramps to “Boring Oregon City” and truck stop advertisements for “Diesel Fried Chicken.” Each page in Caution: Funny Signs Ahead presents a color photograph of an ironic, suggestive, absurd, mislabeled or otherwise amusing sign. Photographed by everyday Americans on vacations and road trips, the signs featured in this collection cover the gamut from street signs marking the corner of “Lonesome” and “Hardup Road” to less-than-persuasive billboards for local businesses like “Blue Ball Hotel.”

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Praise for Caution: Funny Signs Ahead

Caution: Funny Signs Ahead is an extensive collection of bizarre, humorous, and otherwise visually-arresting signs rounded up for your enjoyment. This roadie’s personal favorites include ‘No Smoking on Campus Prohibited’ and ‘Brakeless Trucks Use Freeway’”

—Drew Knowles, author of Route 66 Adventure Handbook

“Fun signs from the side of the road, shop fronts and those wonderfully-American boards where they can change the message every day. From the rude through unthinking juxtapositions to the plain unfathomable, this is a great read and an even better gift.

—Peter Thody, Leeds, UK

“If you like roadside double entendres…You’ll definitely enjoy Caution: Funny Signs Ahead. My favorite is the motel in South Dakota that proudly advertises, “Imaginary Friends Stay Free.”

—Eric Peterson, author of Ramble: A Field Guide to the U.S.A