Roads from the Ashes: An Odyssey in Real Life on the Virtual Frontier

Roads from the Ashes

What would you do if all your stuff went up in smoke?

“Home is where your dog is.” It’s just one of the lessons that author Megan Edwards has learned living life on a roll. Her adventure began when a firestorm roared out of the hills above Pasadena, California, in October 1993. Her home was among over 200 destroyed by the blaze.

Suddenly and utterly “stuffless,” Megan, her husband Mark, and dog Marvin seized opportunity from catastrophe. They hit the road aboard the Phoenix One, the custom-built four-wheel drive motorhome that “rose from the ashes.”


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Praise for Roads from the Ashes

“This is a book to stir dreams of distant places, a remarkable journey down unknown roads of travel and self-exploration. Edwards relates the stories of their American adventures and misadventures in the compelling style of a novelist, with humor, drama and brilliant imagery… A journey worth taking.”

—Al Martinez, Los Angeles Times

“Edwards is a fine, unpretentious writer with a journalist’s nose for a good story. An inspiration…”

Chicago Tribune

“From the mountains to Manhattan, this tapestry of life on the road weaves the best of travel, technology, survival skills, and relationships into an engaging work of art.

Library Journal